Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snicker snack

For more than a week now I've been noticing the disappearing rose bushes. All over my neighborhood, roses have been cut down to sad stumps, a clear indication that it must be Rose Trimming Time.
So this is what they mean by "very early spring". A note has been made to recalibrate my calender.
This is part of the front yard at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Sorry; there are no pretty shots of my front yard in the winter. And the neighbor is parked where he always does instead of in his monstrous driveway.
This is kind of fun. Those blades just go snick snick right through an inch of wood.
One nice Fiskars, one pile of debris later, here's the new yard. Now my neighbor will be able to park with even greater ease in front of my house, without huge rose branches reaching out into the road to scratch his pretty. Come the real spring, my refreshed roses will leap up and give lots of pink, red, yellow and red-orange blossoms. I might even get so inspired by all the beauty that I get off my duff and paint the stairs.


marc aurel said...

Do you cut them back THAT far every year? One end of the garden looks the same as the other to me. I have a red thumb.

Barry said...

After the winter we've had here in Toronto, I'm heartened to learn there is an area on the planet brave enough to consider using the "spring" word already.

EastwoodDC said...

I like gardening too. I look forward to seeing some pictures.

sciencegirl said...

Apparently you do cut them that far down when you want to 'refresh' the bush. That kind of severe trim might happen every several years. I've passed by roses even more severely chopped - I didn't dare go that far myself.