Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cat of the Month: Priscilla

So many cats! A childhood filled with cats coming and going and purring and playing.
Priscilla arrived at our house as an adult cat, long and sleek and black with white patches.
She was very timid, hiding in closets and disappearing around corners as soon as anyone approached. She was used to Walter, but ill at ease with the proprietess, Errnestine. Though Ernie, for her part, was a welcoming enough hostess.
Priscilla fled from everyone but me. I she chose as her special safe person and friend. Ernie was lots of fun, but she liked everyone. Priscilla was the first cat I had just for me. The one who slept on my bed and nobody else's. She's the one who showed me that cats can pick their favorites too.


Barry said...

Cats are fascinating and certainly have very individual personalities.

I think Priscilla would have loved your new fish too!

sciencegirl said...

Hey, Barry, it's good to hear from you. Do you Facebook?