Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Park Landscape

Friday already? How can it be?? It was just Friday, like, a couple days ago.

I meant to go to a small local park for pictures, and I did that on Sunday for a different purpose, completely forgetting I was supposed to do my Shootout prep at the same time because now whenever I leave for the evening it's already Dark out. So the Park Landscape post for my current town - Aubière, France, is here - just click
Don't forget to feed the hamster while you're there.
I couldn't see posting the same batch twice, particularly since they're all contaminated with a certain plush toy. So I'm taking you to a different park, in a different country: The Anza Borrego State Park. California, 'natch!

Of course, three of these pictures contain that same object. I dare you to spot it.

I do promise to get on the ball for next week's Skylines!


GingerV said...

first I forgot to tell you several days ago that I like your header.
your park looks like a great place to visit - it looks like California is arid but with more texture than Arizona desert. quite beautiful

Doreen said...

I agree with GingerV. quite different than here in Michigan. beautiful area!! have a great weekend!! (I could not see the common thing in three pics??) other than rocks!

Linda said...

Maurice the bunny has been visiting this beautiful desert landscape you've posted. Everything looks so metamorphic, dry and sandy. These are wonderful detailed pictures Nancy. Thanks for sharing. =D

Best Wishes from Barry and Linda

Kerry said...

Hey you better watch out or else both you and Maurice are gonna go right over the edge one of these days!

Bagman and Butler said...

It was along time when I was in Arizona and I sure missed the stuff you saw...beautiful. I'll have to go again sometime.

Pauline said...

Beautiful photos, but I can't see the common thing! I'd have to go with Doreen on the rocks!

~JarieLyn~ said...

These photos are great. I like the photo of the huge tree. I could not determine what the common thing is in the three photos. Was it a cactus or the rocks? I wasn't able to enlarge your pics to get a better look.

Ann said...

Those are big branches. My son would like to climb the tree.

The desert landscape is beautiful, the one with that unusual cacti plant.

Chef E said...

I miss seeing cacti on occasion, meaning I do not miss the heat that goes along with like when I grew up in Texas, but I love your shots...I am still laughing at the post below about buying sweat pants...I am going through menopause so every pair of pants I own are 'sweat pants'!

Kathy in CA said...

Well done, as usual! And I love seeing Maurice in them!