Monday, October 12, 2009

More highlights of my recent trip to Bruges.

In the marina just outside the old city walls, yes, there are boats from all over Europe. The larger ones are lived in.

All the doors high up on the different towers had red doors. No idea why, but it did add to the feel that the city planners had a firm grip on the 'look' of Bruges.

Looking south from the Bell Tower just after it opened for the day.

Good thing I went up there when I did, because by the time I came down, the line was out the door and down the hall.

A view from the canal tour boat. It's a very nice tour; 30 minutes for about $8. The guide talks constantly, but doesn't tell you very much because he has to repeat himself in at least three languages. We had French, German and English, and passed boats spewing Italian, Chinese, and Dutch.

Many commercial buildings have kept up their old-fashioned signs. This one is for the square where dairy farmers used to gather.

On the front of one of the government buildings. I guess this is just like the cow in the dairy square. The lion & bear of Belgium, that's what the business is within.

A door knocker. Lots of houses have this kind of fabulous detail somewhere.

Every pretty city has its sidewalk artists, and Bruges has a small number for a small city. This guy was quite talented, and unusually low-key in trying to get you over there.

Horses waiting in vain for tourists to haul around town. On a Monday, in October, in the rain. I spent an hour in this café writing postcards, and not one carriage was taken in all that time. I wonder how long before they give up and go home. Where it's dry.


Scriptor Senex said...

A great tour round Bruges - Merci!

Hammer said...

Love the photos!

On an unrelated note, I wanted to send you an email about something but can't seem to locate one for you. Could you send an email to throwinghammers [at] gmail [dot] com when you have a chance? Thanks!