Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Move that butt

I am officially insane.
There was an inkling when on Saturday I bought sweatpants. I have never had such a thing in my wardrobe before. Now I do. I have changed clans, from the No Sweatpants People to the People with baggy, tasteless, styleless, boring, but comfy Sweat Clothes. The fleece jacket thing I bought in Denver last spring because it was way colder in Denver than where I had come from does not count, regardless of the similarity of the fabric and the bulkiness of the cut, because it's in this neat dark red color and it has a nifty Denver logo thing on it.
Last night, I put them on. Yes. with a thick t-shirt, and my Denver jacket over that.
Not only did I put them on, and change into my beat-up sneakers, but then I went outside and jogged up my street.
Can you believe it!
Me. Jogging. Getting home, and instead of flopping down in front of the news with a plate of nachos and whatever I haven't read yet of The Economist, I went out for some exercise.
I usually get my exercise by walking, fast and far. But that isn't doing enough for me any more; it just takes so much time. So I figure jogging compresses an hour's workout into a reasonable package that I can squeeze in between getting home and flopping down for whatever's on.
So I jogged for the first time in my life. Good thing it was dark and nobody was watching, because I only made it about 2/3's of the way up my street. Which is what, a quarter mile long? So I walked the rest of the way because it was just too, too lame to give up without even getting to the end of the street. And then I jogged back. The whole way, which is downhill, slightly, but does that ever make a difference!
It's funny about this jogging thing. I can go all day at a fast walk. 20 miles no problem. I can work out on my step machine for an entire rugby game, stopping only to shout 'throw him down!', or 'get him!', and to gesticulate wildly (which I have discovered is not the best thing to do while trying to continue stepping on the flimsy thing). But that's energy dispensed slowly; energy my body restocks as I spend it, so there's never any acute must-stop tiredness. Spending energy quickly by going running is a different thing.
Tonight the plan is to jog all the way to the end of the street and back, without taking a rest. By the end of the week I should be turning at the end and making a loop of it.


Niamh B said...

I don't really understand running away from a place in order to run back again - running away from scary things yes, or if really in a hurry to get somewhere else, not back where you started... Good luck with it though - i hear it's good for health etc

GingerV said...

Course you could stop eating the nachos! ya know.
In fact you will find that exercise is not enough you have to modify diet... for me no bread and wine only on weekends. (all alchol is restricted to weekends) did you know that over eating by only 100 calories a day adds 1 lb per month or 12 a year. Don't know if this is true but makes you stop and think about what you put in your mouth and do you really need it.
(chocolate is excuded cause I NEED it.)
good luck on your new plan.

Barry said...

Congradulations. I loved jogging and did it for many years. Many decades actually, until my knees told me I could never do that any more.

However I have started jogging on marts of my morning runs with Lindsay and find there is an actual joy in running that you just don't get from a brisk walk.

By the way, I've dedicated part of my blog to you this morning...

NanU said...

Well, I'm not exactly fat, Ginger. 134 pounds for 5'7" and rather fit is quite acceptable. I'd just like to _stay_ there. The nachos are a single layer of corn chips, onions, cilantro, tomato chunks and not very much cheese. Nothing extravagant. Aside from the fact that the chips are fried, it's all good healthy food, and it has to fit in the toaster oven so there isn't much of it (no seconds!). My main meal is lunch anyway.

I'm jogging because I'm going to see a bunch of old school friends next month, several jog, and the cop among them does triathlons and we're going hiking together and I just don't want to embarrass myself. I'd just like to be able to run a mile without gasping for air.

Hey thanks, Barry! I'll go right over to read it!

Argent said...

You go for it! I'm looking at starting down the jogging trail after something of a lay off. Walking and jogging are different, different muscles get involved I think. You'll be jogging along happily before you know it. Sweatpants are a state of mind.

shabby girl said...

Ha ha ha! Good for you! So funny, we're vacationing right now, and brought the "bikes"! I haven't taken my bike out for about 2 years! Oh, Lord!
We call sweat pants...eatin' clothes! Right?

Reya Mellicker said...

You're not crazy, you're great! Fabulous!!

Though I don't wear sweats outside the house, if i was a jogger, I certainly would. Proudly, too, as I hope you will.

You go girl, you GO!! Oh yeah!

NanU said...

And yes, folks, I did make it all the way to the end of the street last night without walking. Actually more astounding was that I went out at all. I expect tonight to go farther tonight.

Rachel Fox said...

It's addictive you know...