Sunday, April 18, 2010

The cats are reassured

I was walking down the street yesteday when I heard, in reference to myself, "That's not a dog!"
Why, thank you, yes it's true; I'm not a dog.
It's wonderful to be recognized in this way! ;-)
The elderly woman on the sidewalk opposite remonstrated with her overexcited and recalcitrant mutt, and continued on her way as best she could with the wild beast in tow.
I just smiled at them and went on.


Tabor said...

Oh what fun! I love it!

Niamh B said...

Well it would be a bit of a shock if it turned out after all these years that you were a dog - phew! Thank god for observant strangers.

Barry said...

There are few enough compliments in life, we need to take them where we can get them.

Especially if they reassure the cats.

Hope that volcano ash lifts for you soon.

Argent said...

One needs these little moments of affirmation sometimes.

Titus said...

Maybe in a previous life? I wonder what the canine in question recognised in you?