Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Makes me smile

I wasn't meaning to post a Shootout this week. I'm supposed to be on a plane headed for Washington right now.
But Nooo o o o
No, some volcano in Iceland had to erupt and fill the entire north European atmosphere with so much gunk it's not safe to fly through. Which means I'm stuck here until Monday. By the time I get to my meeting in DC, it'll be 4/5's over. I'm going anyway, since I have other plans, but I was really looking forward to Washington in the springtime, and meeting people, and talking science. Pooh.
So. What makes me smile. Lots of things, really. Most anything I take a picture of makes me smile. Once I schlepped my luggage back to the house after a fruitless and aggravating day at the airport, I went out in the garden to enjoy the spring.
And there it was, in full flower.
Not very warm yet, but bright. It may be a bumper year for cherries, but the apricots will be scarce. The apples are looking numerous too, the black currants are leaping up, and the rhubarb is going so strong you can't even tell I dug up half of it in the fall for friends who wanted to start their own.
And that's my Shootout. For other participants, click here!


Barry said...

The flower is beautiful, and made me smile too.

The volcano is another thing entirely. Amazing (and more than a little disquieting) to realize the impact one volcano can have on all of Europe)

Kerry said...

The front page photo in the NYT today is of the ash cloud over the UK: crazy. It's a bummer to have your plans disrupted, but I'm glad to see your beautiful picture (bokeh!)

Tabor said...

I love the flowers of fruit as we frequently bypass them for the ornamentals. Being as volcanoes can shut down a species or most of a planet we are pretty lucky with this one. Sorry about you delay. I am about 60 miles south of DC and the weather here is bounteously beautiful although most of the tree are done. You can go to my other blog to see what is blooming in a day or towo.

Heather T. said...

Your photo is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Every flower makes me smile. This one for sure. That volcano is something else. Every day it seems there is something monumental happening in our skies that is not the norm.

Jama said...

Flowers never fail to make me smile, especially flowers that we can't grow here due to our climate.
The airport here is quiet chaotic too, as flight to the London and Europe got cancelled and worst, most hotels here are fully booked! most just camped at the airport. Hopefully the situation will improve within the next few days.

Doreen said...

beautiful flowers. nature and flowers are always a good cure for the stress of life.

Sarah Lulu said...

Aren't those flowers so delicate and beautiful.

And the volcano is still errupting up there!

GingerV said...

yes the beauty of a new flower makes us smile... Volcano thing is fantastic isn’t it? Not the hassle for all the travelers but that nature can put a stop to our modernality (made that up.) and possibly for how long – the last time this volcano erupted 190 years ago it took it 2 years to settle down. Don’t count on Monday travel.

shabby girl said...

Love your flowers. Do these smell?
Sorry about your delayed plans, but you'll get there by and by.
Have a great weekend!

Gordon said...

NanU, I've missed you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Drop in to Saint Augustine, sometime.