Sunday, May 16, 2010

The ineffable scent of linoleum

I got down on my knees and smelled the new linoleum.
In. Hold it just a bit.
Oh, that's heavenly.
That's the definitive smell of the first new house in the history of the Lapierres. No more tenements, no more trailers. No...
no no no
I got down on my knees and smelled the new linoleum. Yeah, it smelled okay. The bleach wasn't too bad. Nothing to cause suspicion.
Then I scuffed it up a bit with my boots. And spilled a few drops of old coffee and spread that around.
Nobody'd know the lino was new.
Nah, nobody'd think.
After I did Guido with the carving knife there was just so much blood I couldn't get the old lino clean. Not clean enough for cops. So out it went.
Nah, out it goes.
I got down on my knees and smelled the new linoleum. Breathed in the emanations of purple and swirling orange. I wouldn't hold still Jumping out at me Falling way way back it smells like a big blinking neon light. Maybe I took too many of those pink pills maybe there are some more of those neat yellow ones left. No blue ones, no
No, no
I got down on my knees and smelled the new linoleum. It didn't smell like anything at all. Just like plastic.
MaryLou said hers smelled like strawberries, and it had little strawberry plants printed on it. Ours was just plain. Maybe that's what beige smells like.
I got down on my knees and smelled the new linoleum. Hmm. The students twiddled their pens and looked up to the ceiling for inspiration. The waterspots on the acoustical tiles had spoken to them before... perhaps they would happen again. Oh, Waterspot Gods we offer you these blank pages. Take these offerings as thine own, that we may have something, anything, by the end of class.
This week's bus driver is Barbara, and you can catch a ride here!


Argent said...

I like the different characters in what is essentially a group of mini-poems. The aspiration of a new house, the covering up of evidence, trippy thoughts and all. This is one of my faves this week.

shabby girl said...

I really enjoyed these! Well done!

Titus said...

Loved this, and took a couple of reads to catch on!
Engrossing, engaging, unexpected.

Niamh B said...

wow, you got ALOT out of that one, enjoyed the tale of Guido most I think, nice take

Peter Goulding said...

Yes, I love a grisly killing! Enjoyed it immensely

The Bug said...

Every one of these made me smile - & want to hear the rest of the story. Great job!

Poetikat said...

Clean up in Aisle FIVE! Wow!

I really liked the different stories. This is a route I'd like to take in a poem.

The "Guido" verse was my fave, but they were all fun trips.


Pure Fiction said...

I went through the same process - my favourite here is the second last one - I got down on my knees and smelled the new linoleum. It didn't smell like anything at all.
Made me chuckle.

Bill said...

Delightfully meandering. Poor old Guido. :)

Enchanted Oak said...

A wonderful series! Several separate takes on the smelling of new lino, and each one a beauty.

Karen said...

I love the many mini poems! I couldn't manage even one, so I'm lost in admiration!

NanU said...

Ha! I have fooled you all with a collection of dead ends and false leads. Failure wrapped up as success, and it works.

the watercats said...

wow!.. this is sooo coool!.. love it! all the things going somewhere, no'where, somwhere else... brilliant! :-D
loving the prayer to waterspot gods!

Jeanne Iris said...

Such diversity in these... Lovely!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Brilliant, loved it.I think it may be your best!Oooh I'd like this for issue 2 of the mag.If there is such a thing!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

it's first thing on a Wednesday and just about to enter the gloom and doom of another day at work - and then i clicked on your response to my poem and read this.

Thank you for making me smile throughout - really enjoyed the different ideas and approaches. A fun way to tackle the topic