Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Zebra

Snagged from Niamh at Various Cushions (or did this start with TFE? It might have. It’s just the sort of thing that would come from there.)

“Animals and Enterprises - what animal you shouldn't bring where and why"

Do not take your Zebra to Go Sport.

Do not go to Go Sport with your zebra
In the afternoon
When the passing customers
(zebras like browsing, that may be why she wanted to come along)
have filled the aisles with athletic shoes
tried on and cast aside.

Do not go with your zebra
The security people might mistake you
for spies from other sporting goods outlets
And toss you out
With unkind words.

Do not go with your zebra to the equestrian department
Where the paraphernalia could provoke anxiety
In a free and wild animal.

Just don’t do it.
Don’t go to Go Sport with your zebra.
You will both be much happier.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Mom!


Niamh B said...

Nice One NanU - could well have started with TFE, but no - it's all my own... :-)

Zebras could easily be mistaken for barcodes too! I do love the idea of Zebras trying on shoes as well. Nicely done

Barry said...

Thanks for the warning. I promise to leave my zebra at home, although he'll be wickedly disappointed.

I should mention that the book I was talking about on my bog is going to be self published. I didn't want the hassle of sending it out to different publishers each with their own protocol to be followed and then spend months waiting for replies that might, or might not come.

NanU said...

Thanks Niamh! :-)

Ah, that is a much more hassle-free way, Barry. I'm happy to hear it's coming along.

gigi said...

Cute! Happy birthday to your mom :)

Argent said...

Hhahahah! Excellent TZ there!

Titus said...

Loved it! And glad Niamh's brilliant conception is spreading.