Friday, October 22, 2010

FSO Patterns

The Shootout this week looks at Patterns.
I prefer to make my own patterns, even if I'm not quite expert at designing things that fit just the way they should. This scarf is done in a classic 16-stitch feather&fan lace pattern, something simple enough not to look up any more; I can just do it on the bus or a train or wherever.
This blue scarf in a wool-alpaca blend (so incredibly soft!) is the first pattern I did out of my new lace stitch book. I found some very thin wool-cashmere yarn on clearance this summer - six balls of black and six of grey - just perfect for making a lace wrap to wear when the office is a bit chilly. Now to pick the lace pattern and start knitting.
This pattern caught my eye last fall, especially for the no-sewing part. I hate all the sewing and tucking in of yarn ends at the end of a project.
So I picked up all the blue-green merino wool in the shop, but it wasn't enough. Then my friend sent me two more balls, and that wasn't quite enough. Just a month ago I broke down and ordered some from the States, and the sweater is finally finished.
It hasn't been blocked yet, which will help with the shaping. But it does seem a bit off.
Yes, it's meant to be for somebody rather tall. The sleeve shaping, however, isn't quite what the pattern indicated. The way it's knitted, though, you can't go back and fix just the sleeve fit.

Some random patterns I've made. I like to work with color or texture on a pretty standard t-shirt or sweater shape. Since knitting isn't 'square' (stitches are taller than they are wide), standard graph paper distorts the image significantly. If I really want to see what it should look like, I knit a swatch for gauge, then make graph paper to fit on the computer.
The cat is a commercial pattern I'll be making a second copy of just as soon as I find the right fibers for it.
And this t-shirt I made from a few odd balls of a nifty linen-cotton blend picked up on clearance.
I buy so much yarn that way! No one color is enough to make a whole project (why it's being sold so cheap in the first place), so it's mix & match. I quite like the way this one fits, too. Usually these bargain odds & ends wind up in my collection bin, waiting endlessly for something else to come along.

Link to the Friday My Town Shootout here.


steven said...

i tried knitting. i'm so attention deficit i couldn't follow the count the pattern the anything. so i made a knotty mess and backed off in deference to the pros like you!! i salute you and your work!! steven

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

GREAT Knitting Patterns....I included a knitting pattern photo in my selections, too. I am a knitter and appreciated your post very much. I so agree with your comment about the Feather and Fan pattern being one you can take along. There are soooo many patterns in knitting...nice that you make your own. Great post!

Bagman and Butler said...

Nan! Another creative talent! You may win the award for multi-talented creative activities! I am truly impressed! I once made a potholder in elementary school then promptly gave up anything regarding fabric.

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Great job, Nan. The fabric are definitely a pattern. Nice arrangement.

psychelyn said...

oh these are wonderful. i admire you for being able to do such. there was one time in school when we were asked to knit and i failed haha what a lousy knitter i was.

~JarieLyn~ said...

You sure are a crafty woman. Great work. I wish I could knit. I used to love to look at sewing patterns when I was a young girl. I've tried crocheting, but not knitting.

Pauline said...

I love working with fabric and wool, too. I can create with fabric but not with wool so I really envy that skill. You really do have many talents, Nan. And you capture them beautifully too.

Kerry said...

My sister-in-law knits and I am quite jealous. It looks so relaxing, and I love the click-click of the needles. When I tried to learn how to knit I was really terrible at it; maybe I'll try again.

Your header is gorgeous.

Ann said...

heheheh, your red ivy is so beautiful and ours is green which I am going to post tomorrow for foliage.

My school just started a knitting club for the kids, I used to knit a lot.

GingerV said...

I love home made sweaters and scarfs - was raised with them, my mother always having her knitting right next to her chair, if she was sitting she was knitting. I never once tried it.... I always have a book near by instead.

Jama said...

You're one great knitter! I tried making booties and scarf, just don't have the patience for it.

spiritsoflena said...

Love your patterns--very creative!

Doreen said...

this brings back memories of my Mom. she didn't knit but crocheted. she tried to teach me and I did for a time but didn't keep up with it. I admire crafty talented people. nice patterns also!

shabby girl said...

I LOVE the first scarf and the tshirt! I'm going to have to try the feather & fan. Is the tshirt crochet or knit?