Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Links, please.

What is it with this "Linked In" network?
Yes, I know what the network is about. It's supposedly a job/business/professional network where people 'network' in the more-or-less old-fashioned sense (of this not being your social life).
I don't want to be "linked in" because my professional contacts simply don't use it.
In the past month or so, Facebook friends (barely acquaintances, all) have been asking me to link to them on this other network.
Isn't ignoring each other on Facebook enough?
Since we have no professional activity in common whatsoever.
Well, whatever. Suffice not to accept, no?
There's an email notifying you of the invitation, with a link to click to accept that will take you all over the universe of their website. There is no click to decline. Click anywhere; there is no Leave Me Alone! category. Fine, just delete the email.
A week later, there's a reminder email that you have not yet accepted So&so's invitation. The email doesn't come from the person whose invitation you'd so very much like to decline, but from some server you cannot respond to except to say Yes.
A week or so later, here's yet another reminder.
Ah, guys, don't you get it?
Even were I inclined to join a "professional" network of this type, it would never, ever, be yours.


Niamh B said...

I'm on that, but they have an old email address for me, so I never get any invites or reminders, but I can still login and see who's been askin when I want.

Jessica Maybury said...

I'm a member of linkedin and was all excited at first but it's APPALLING! I now ignore that part of my life and pretend it never happened....

Argent said...

I'm on LinedIn as well but haven't had any FB friends contact me on it as yet. If you log into the site, there is an invitations tab and I think you can decline/ignore people there.

NanU said...

I'm sure if you're a member, you have the option to refuse to link with somebody. But I don't want to be a member at all.

FreeFlying said...

"Isn't ignoring each other on Facebook enough?" Lol. SO true.