Monday, March 21, 2011

The Bus is made to Travel

This week's Uiscebot task is to write a poem about travelling somewhere, at least a mile from home, in less than 40 lines and with none of that rhyming nonsense. Check, check, check. Easy peasy, since travelling is what NanUs like best. But I'm in a strange and prickly mood lately, and my poem, starting so sweetly in the excitement of Let's Go! took an odd turn, all on its own.
Where shall we go today
somewhere sunny, somewhere warm
A place where everything is strange
the food has new flavors
the city new sounds
Let's go away from the dull routine
to new dust and grime
to different woes and worries
Visiting, we can fly lightly over the puddles,
lounge in our hotel room if it rains
tasting the honey - not becoming stuck in it.
Catch the bus here as it travels over hill and dale in pursuit of Elsewhere.


The Bug said...

I like the "taste the honey - not becoming stuck in it" line - that's the trick to enjoying a vacation for me. If I get too immersed in the place then it's not a vacation anymore.

izzy said...

Very nice ! spring does bring out the wanderlust! enjoy- thanks

shabby girl said...

Ooo, I like this one! From happy adventure to new dust and grime. "Visiting, we can fly lightly over the puddles" was perfect, and perfectly true.

120 Socks said...

Really liked many of the lines here, 'to new dust and grime'.......'not becoming stuck in it', and others that captured the idea of exploring new places, the familiar versus the strange and wonderfully new. You packed a lot into these short lines, great response to the prompt.

Helen said...

May I tag along? I'm ready for this kind of non-sticky holiday! Let's hijack the BUS and just GO! You make it sound like pure adventure.

Jinksy said...

But the honey leaves sticky residues on our fingers, never the less...new flavours notwithstanding...

Niamh B said...

I really like your odd turn at the end!


Totalfeckineejit said...

I likes this! I likes quirky and flyin over the puddles and tasting the honey. Neato!!

Argent said...

Yeah, I'm with the 'honey' crowd - genius idea! Nice, light writing here.

Titus said...

That's good line after good line, and I like the darkening en route.
'Visiting, we can fly lightly over the puddles,' possibly the stand-out for me, though the honey is mighty fine too.

I also like the thought of a Tigger NanU: feels like quite an insight.

MuseSwings said...

"tasting the honey - not becoming stuck in it" Isn't this EXACTLY what a vacation is all about. Perfectly poetic ticket Nanu!

The Vegetable Assassin said...

NICE last line. And so true. Just for you here's a haiku:

Travel to a place
Where the giant coffee lurks
Drink in ecstasy

There you go :)

Karen said...

Very nice!

Bagman and Butler said...

Tasting the honey and not getting stuck in it -- what a great concept.