Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I meant to tell you all about my little visit to Montluçon, but with all the crises at work there's just not time. So here are some pictures, occassionally with captions.
This roof has a fake cat chasing a fake bird.

There are some really nice details on a lot of the buildings. Some are originals, some restorations from the middle ages (like this one), and others are new but in the old style.

This fabulously detailed window now looks out from a sadly run-down and barely habitable building.
A hotel, closed for the season but due to open the very next day...

A couple of views from the hill with the big castle (seen from below in the first photo). The castle today is just a thin relic of it's old self, turned into a museum and unfortunately closed for the season still.
Waiting for everything to open?

That's it for the quick tour of old Montluçon. Tomorrow I might have more time, and we'll take a tour of Aigueperse.


Titus said...

Ooh lovely.
Rather scary rough beasts on the gates at the end though. Like they come alive at sundown.

Bagman and Butler said...

Great shots...just catching up on some of my favorite blogs -- not catching up much. But I did read Jabberforky...now THAT is a classic masterpiece!! I thought I'd comment on it here since you may not read older post comments.