Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday poem

This week's P-Bus task, set by the fabulous Muse, is to write about something without naming the thing in the poem or the title. Here we go!


Savior .

Hot Hot Hot the morning

smooth with milk washing down

the crumbs of the toast with jam.


A welcome pause midmorning

around the pot one of the group, not so much the boss.


Finally a finish to lunch

strong and warm to power me through the afternoon

counteracting the post prandial urge to nap.


Not much of an enigma, but it follows the rule. If it looks funny it's because Blogger seems to have forgotten what the "return" key is all about, and keeps erasing all my careful mise en page. Corrected it four times already and always the same result. Catch the bus here!


The Bug said...

Coffee! Sometimes I wish I liked the stuff. I was able to copy and paste your text after the poem so I could read it – it was in 1 point type! Blogger has got some serious issues – hope they’re resolved soon!!

NanU said...

1 point! when I looked at it, it seemed readable, but I went back and - yep - 1pt type. "view post" and "view blog" didn't give the same thing.
I hope to have successfully corrected the size problem, but it will just not arrange the text the way it makes sense.
I'm not asking for anything complicated!!!

Titus said...

Oh, I'm late.
Blogger has been an arse lately.

Lolamouse said...

Now I'm craving some! Blogger sure does have some issues! Resistance is futile. Thanks for visiting my blog!