Sunday, May 29, 2011


I thought I would come up with a really good poem for the Poetry Jam this week, but somehow it just hasn't jelled yet. If the real poem makes itself known soon, I'll post again. In the meantime:

Out with the old! In with the new
Turnover in my head like changing to my summer wardrobe.
There's not unlimited space in there for endless archives
And sometimes it's just as well.
Let it go.
Move on.
Though sometimes, I admit, the bits jettisoned could have been useful.
My drivers' licence is still expired.
Mother's Day is not the same day here & where my mother lives.
Tax day must be coming up soon.
Mystery: what else did I forget that I haven't yet realized I forgot?
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jabblog said...

If you haven't realised you've forgotten it you've saved yourself some worrying.

Dave King said...

There's moving on and there's the cloud of unknowing, which is even better.

Helen said...

Ah ... sometime forgetfulness can be bliss. No worries, less stress?

Brian Miller said...

smiles. wonder what i forgot to do and when it will catch up to me...smiles.

steven said...

i like dave's mention of the cloud of unknowing. one of my favourite and most motivating places. steven

Mary said...

What a person doesn't remember can't cause stress!

shabby girl said...

Sometimes that does worry me...what else did I forget that I haven't yet realized I forgot?
Just love that header photo!

The Bug said...

I love this - the older I get the more I forget. I just hope the things I forget don't cost me too much extra money or relationships :)

brenda w said...

what? did I just read a poem? where?

Love this piece.

Titus said...

You got the paradox into everyday life, and bigger! Gels for me.