Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This week at the Poetry Jam our theme is Thunder and Lightning, by Mark. I've been away, but did manage to write this while waiting for the bus.

Thunder & Lightning
If it's only weather
why is the cat under the bed?
If it's only a passing pressure wrinkle
why is the dog cowering?
If somebody up there is sending a message
what does it say?


The Bug said...

Animals always know before we do. Too bad we don't have an interpreter so they can tell us when to duck!

jabblog said...

My current household of animals doesn't turn a whisker at thunder but we have had dogs who tried to bury themselves in the floor!

Bagman and Butler said...

Great one! I like the easy nature of it.

Helen said...

No animals in our household to forecast ... I like your poem.

Jessica Maybury said...

ooOOoooo a passing pressure wrinkle. Really sensuous. You can touch it and also know exactly what it looks like. Nice!