Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 weeks to go.

One has to laugh (after a fashion) at our attempts to get the lab in shape for accreditation.
One of the things we have to do is establish contracts, or less formal but still written agreements, with all the different support services on which our lab depends on in the heart of a larger establishment (for example, the Human Resources, Logistics, Purchasing, and Suchlike departments).
To have such a contract, with the supporting department, however, assumes that these departments actually support us.
One wonders.
We were worried that we wouldn't have the description and proof of validation of our lab work up to snuff, given that's a big and hairy document to write. But noooo, at least we have control over what goes into the Methods Validation chapter. It's just a question of hours at the computer to get it together. It's our own administration that's the real sticking point.


steven said...

it's interesting to me that you have established relationships with a web of support services without contracts or written agreements. that's so very lovely and old-fashioned and then also very current!!! steven

NanU said...

Well, why should we have to write up a contract to work with people in our own institute? It's not as if the personnel department is a separate company.