Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of September

Well, it's the end of September, and autumn is upon us. The garden is about done, as you can see, except for the pumpkins, potatos, and the odd straggling tomato. Tomatos were poor this year, flavorless and dry. The potato patch is always a surprise - you never know until you dig. The plants didn't look like much. The didn't get very big, and didn't put out many flowers. A whole section didn't flower at all. But I dug up a bit of the patch, and there's gold down there. I made fried potatos with onions and sausage last week. Tonight it's potato-rabbit stew.
The hedgehog hasn't been sighted in three weeks now, but that's not unusual. I figured out his nest is under the compost heap at the back of the yard. There's the pile, all neglected instead of turned over like compost *should* be. You can just see the nest entrance, but it seems to me that the weeds in front have overgrown too much for the entrance to be used regularly.
Anybody home?
Perhaps they're moved on.
In the spring I do need to harvest the bottom layer of compost for the veg patch. I hope that doesn't chase them away for good.

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The Bug said...

Our tomatoes were pretty tasty this year - we had two volunteer heirloom plants & they have been QUITE prolific. They don't really get RED, but I don't mind since they taste good.

We also had a volunteer pumpkin plant show up between the sidewalk & road in front of our house (no doubt planted by a bird). We moved it & have two tiny little pumpkins growing, but I doubt they'll actuall turn into anything before our first frost.

Usually I'm very melancholy this time of year, but our summer was so hot & dry I'm ready for fall - and even snow!