Friday, September 7, 2012

yeah, yeah, alright already.

It must be, what, three weeks already? that I finally joined the 21st century.
There was an abortive attempt last Christmas (or was it indeed the one before!) where I bought a really cheap cell phone that you feed with cards from the grocery store, thinking, Hey, I don't phone often, I have no need of one of those fancy things. It's only to take along when I go up to Paris and need to ask to my parisian friends what the door code is. And then the cheapo never even made it out of the box. Seriously! The ugly plastic bag with the object still inside is still sitting there next to the tv. I should do something about that, really.
Then I joined the Rotary Club (did I tell you about that? I should some day.), and somebody or other is always calling me. And if they can't reach me, they call again. Now, I prefer email. Phones are not my thing. I can't hear properly with them, especially not in French (today is Parentheses Friday, if you didn't know, and I'd like to note here the way we used to laugh that my granddad could hear better in Spanish, but now I understand perfectly what that means). But my email is (was!) tethered to my work computer, and I'm not always in my office, so it's an insufficient method of communication.
So the inconvenience of not having a cell increased tremendously over the summer, passing that tipping-point (which believe me is way on the side of not having a phone), and there I was in the store actually seriously looking at phones. Yeah, I'd looked at them before, but just sort of sidelong and not really interested in a long-term relationship. This time it was to Pick One Out.
I wanted a red one, but the only red ones were icky and lame.
And I figured that in this age of texting and email on phones and so forth, that the phone function may be secondary to having text in my pocket, so it's a keyboard version for me. Yes yes! from cheapo phone-only to pocket computer.
So here I am. Phone/email/Facebook/GPS/camera/fricking television if I want it.
The first couple of days I had it on constantly, checking Fb, checking how I did at bridge, useless nonsense. What I don't know how to do yet is actually answer a call. I can call back, that's clear enough. But which icon is it to pick up??? the little green phone seems to send me to my directory... Whatever. I still have the landline, so tonight (or maybe next week) I can sit around & call myself. Once I am competent to answer the phone, I'll give the number out more widely. For the moment, dropping calls from the Rotary is enough.


The Bug said...

The other day I saw a penguin iPhone cover on the Amazon website & I had a brief moment of coveting. But then I calculated that I currently spend less than $12 per month on my cell phone & decided that I should just create my own "penguin jacket" for my little pay-as-I-go flip phone :)

Bagman and Butler said...

Congratulations. For awhile I was carrying a fancy Droid kind of thing and enjoyed playing with it but I kept dropping it or losing it and finally decided just to get the most basic model I could find.

Titus said...

Work gave me mine, and it really was a novelty for about 6 months - wow, I can check my work e-mails on Saturday - wow, I can check my own e-mail on Tuesday - but the novelty has long since worn off. I do like the fact that it has an alarm clock, and I still think the slide-y finger across the screen to make it do stuff is cool.

Good Luck.