Friday, April 26, 2013

In & Out

So the cats were all In this morning, but I had to go home to close the door, and when I left the second time they were all Out. Now it is raining and I bet they regret their choice.

When I got to my office this morning and couldn't find my keys I wasn't terribly concerned. But then I started thinking, and hmm, I went out with my bag over my shoulder and both hands full of stuff for the recycling bin. The walk to the bin was long enough to get me thinking of other things, yeah, ok, it's like 10 steps, but I was done with whatever I was thinking before & on to the next thing, so I just continued on to the bus stop.
But, ah, with both hands full, I could not have closed the door.
It would be ok to spend the day at work with the door to the house unlocked, but with it actually wide open, perhaps not.
So I went home after lunch and sure enough the door was open and the cats were in or out or wherever. There's probably a mouse cowering under the fridge now, hiding from Natalie. I took a look at the garden to see if anything had sprouted in the last 5 hours, but no. At the moment I locked the door to go, all the felines were Out. And then it started to rain.

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The Bug said...

I once left the garage door open (I work an hour away). The neighbors noticed & thought they'd be helpful & close it for me. It's detached, & at that time the human-sized door didn't have a knob - you just had to lock the deadbolt with a key. Which they didn't have. So Ruth, my tiny 70-something neighbor, would push the garage door button & then try to run under it really fast. And of course the door would go right back up again because it has a sensor. She tried this several times. I really really wish I had been there to watch! They finally gave up & shut the garage door & then just pulled the people door closed so that it looked locked :)