Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Over the weekend I was thinking of blogging about spring finally being here, and the cherry trees blossoming at last. Saturday there was one open blossom on the main tree. Sunday there was a handful, and by Monday morning the tree was covered. Not saturated, but covered with a light blanket.

Sunday morning I was out admiring the beautiful day and the snow white cherry blossoms, thinking of the delicious fruit to come. Then I noticed - I have bees! Not many, but there weren't many flowers out.
Yea! I've got bees! and I did a little dance.

So Monday when I got home from work I hurried out to see how my favorite fruit was coming along. Plenty more blossoms, as I said, but nary a bee in sight.
So I looked harder.
No bees, not a one!
I did, oddly, have a mosquito. No idea where that came from.
But where are all the bees?
Have they been wiped out by those nasty wasps making their way up the country? Or have they succombed to that mysterious bee illness that's been devastating colonies everywhere? Or did one of the local beekeepers just move his hives over the weekend?
Come back, bees! My garden is utterly free of -cides of all kinds! You are safe here, and welcome.

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GingerV said...

go into bee keeping - is not difficult - and only one hive of your own would keep your fruits fruiting. sometimes local bee keepers will put a hive on your land.... check it out.
good to see you are still blogging. checking out flowers - trying to come up with a new direction. change my colors so to speak. (up to 4 times trying to get the security correct. I took this off Flowers and change access to iliminate anonymous