Friday, October 11, 2013

End of Turin

There aren't ticket machines at the tram stops, though there was one on the last tram I was on. But the next tram I get on is a really old model (seriously old!), and it has no such machine - there's only the one to stamp your ticket. But where the heck do you get a ticket?
Then again, what are the odds of meeting ticket checkers twice in one hour?
I know, I know. A previous event has no impact on the future probability of another event. Losing the lottery actually has no effect on the next round of lottery-playing. Anyway, if ticket guys are in the area, perhaps that increases my chance of meeting one...
Safely at my stop, I duck into the train station to check out trains to Cuneo. Nothing on the board. Either all the Cuneo trains go to the other station, or it's a stop on the way to somewhere else.
I don't stop to enquire, though; the need for a large glass of water, a shower, and a nap is just too great.

Back to base at 4:30. Seven and a half hours of walking around. Yep, I need a break. This is such a comfortable bed. At six I go for a stroll along a different section of the Po. The joggers and dog-walkers and rowers are out in force. There are men rowing alone, very fast, very serious. There are teams practicing. There are kids learning, and one 4-man boat of teenagers just can NOT coordinate all those long oars. The odd kayaker makes a stir. Everybody advances backwards on the water. There are not too many collisions.
People are out. Everybody is out. Italians live on their balconies much more than the French do, and they all seem to come out and get some air in the evening between work or school and dinner. It's lively. It's nice.

Tonight I have a more serious meal. Tablecloths. Local specialities. Unfamiliar with what things are called, I order the Piedmont salad, and the roast rabbit with crunchy vegetables. The 'salad' is shredded carrots and cabbage with chicken bits, drenched in vast quantities of mayonnaise-like substance. Not having that again. The rabbit is very tasty, though alas the vegetables are thoroughly cooked. The wine is nice, but altogether I was much more pleased by lunch.

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