Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 After breakfast, we're off for the tour of the town.
 Nice frescos
There's a wedding on this afternoon, and the musicians are here practicing already, so the visit of the church is "rushed" and somehow does not include everything our guide wants to tell us about it. Personally, I'm happy to cut that part of the tour "short". The full version must take the entire day! Surely there are many other things to see in Saluzzo, that do not have to do with the Church.
 I should have a cloister at my house.
With cows on the capitals! Definitely.
The monastery attached to the church is now a hotel, and the coffee shop has tables along the south cloister gallery. Nice place for a cup of coffee.
We do move on from the church, to spend the rest of the morning at the city museum. This used to be a private residence. They have quite a fantastic door.
And a great view of the town.
One last view, and it's time for lunch.
Big, big Rotary lunch, really loud with all 34 of us in one room, three courses and all. It's interesting that once again the French and Italians have pretty much spontaneously segregated into their respective language groups. Will have to learn some italian for the next trip.

Yeah, I know, I'm not actually telling you much. I didn't write any more because we went home just after lunch, and since then it's been non-stop at work.


The Bug said...

I've enjoyed your travels. And I really think I need a capital cow!

GingerV said...

You profile is not shared so I can not email you. If you've time email me at ginger.vanstaveren@gmail.com.