Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yes, I’ve been gone again (in my head, mostly, as my faithful bridge partner can attest!). Things have happened, the world has fallen apart, and the Auditors have at last been here. I would like to say that the Audit is over, but now there are the non-conformities to deal with. And after those, the Sensitive Points and the Axes of Amelioration. Then, the audit will be over and the next one can begin.

It’s been an exhausting week. I felt we were ready, that there would be non-conformities, including two at least we know about and they’re huge, but if we had the means to solve them we would. And we were ready. We have 7 non-confomities (including those two), and a list of things we could do better, and even bits of friendly advice. It’s not bad. In fact it’s quite good for an initial accreditation audit, with hats-off in a couple of domains.

They had questions, we had responses. But even going in with a certain amount of confidence in your QC system, and knowing that COFRAC auditors have all gone through extensive training on not just what to look for and what to ask, but how to do that nicely (especially how to get the information in a way that doesn’t turn the terrified auditees into quivering bowls of jelly), it’s a good thing there’s nothing planned for the rest of the afternoon. Nobody is in any shape to do anything but collapse into a chair and declare they’re glad it’s over.

Jeeze, I’m glad it’s over.

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chez loup said...

Glad things worked out with the audit. And very happy to be reading in English again. Even though I truly enjoyed your French posts, I was getting worried about you.