Monday, September 22, 2014

A brief tour of Southern California

 Not too many pix this time around. Been there, photographed that, just not into it. Used to live in one of the middle apartments of this building.
 Used to live in one of these cottages, too. My first home all to myself, not shared with family or roommates or husband. Heaven for a few months, a quiet space to write my dissertation.
 Went to school here, though not in this particular part of campus.
 The Inverted Fountain was shut off for the off-season. It's pretty cool when it's working.
Wendy's yard in San Diego, featuring Colin. The chihuahuas Jennifer and Gustavo are too quick to be captured.
 A bit of San Diego, seen from Fort Rosecrans. Never did walk all the way down to the Cabrillo National Monument on the point, or the tidepools below. It's about 5 miles to get there from Dan's, but the heat this time was just too oppressive - and the one time I did make it most of the way, they rang me up on that phone-thing, said Hey let's go do stuff, and picked me up in the car.
 Some people think it's strange that Fort Rosecrans would be one of my very favorite places in town. I have no relatives buried here, nor any special connection to the Navy. I just like the serenity here. It's so peaceful. So harmonious. That's what I need now.
 Less harmonious are the new flavors of soda available. Bacon - and - chocolate? in the same fizzy drink? This is just wrong.
 The artists quarter in Balboa Park is much the same as it always has been. Some things you can count on.
Like the swings at the 6th Street Park!
No, I did not break another finger.
And that's all.

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chez loup said...

You look awesome! I can only hope to be such a babe when I reach 50 :)

So you have to share your what you do to stay in great shape...is it just good genes?