Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back home again.

You heard some about the trials of travelling – suffice to say it was a good thing I left myself Sunday to recover. Did a couple loads of laundry, picked up fresh food for the week at the market, mowed the lawn, trimmed the roses, ripped out the peas, piled the rotten apples onto the compost heap, sorted the mail, and just hung out at home.
But Monday, well, it’s back to WORK. All my work has been waiting for me. Oh, yes, some of it now gets shunted off to the back-up cadre while I’m gone, but she has her own work and 90% of mine is waiting for me. It’s like an anti-vacation, all this catching up.
So I’m plunging in. Things to do every evening of the week, too, except Monday. Meet my cat-guy, apples for M, get to the bank before they close, groceries (catfood! low on catfood!), bridge tonight and tomorrow and Sunday, friends Saturday (with, yes, a bit of bridge in there). And the Rotary on Wednesday.
Thank goodness for the Rotary. I don’t think I even have any friends but one who are not either work-related or bridge-related or Rotary. Or some combination. And bridge, much as I’m a fan (as you can see), all the bridge club people know JP. I can go to my Rotary meeting, and be back to my single-person status of a year ago without much of anyone batting an eye. So, more good acquaintances that proper friends, though that’s coming. I’ll get more involved in the various events this year. There are plenty of them, and they all need organizing. I hate organizing, but I am sure there is something else I can do.

Hopping from one thing to another, I barely have time to sit on my couch and notice how roomy it is, for one person. Now if only I could sleep.

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