Monday, October 19, 2015

Back to the grind

No, no more pix from September's vacation. It's only been a month already, anyway.
What shall I tell you about?
- The lab's annual collective review, in which our achievements were brushed aside in favor of what's all this quality business about - please stop annoying us with that nonsense.
- The lab's new computer management program, in which you can't open certain windows simultaneously, so you have to keep a file code in your head while navigating.
- The center giving us 2 weeks to collect all the wishes for training next year, and before we can get the lab heads together for a concerted response, the boss just sends the Santa Clause list made by each individual. So much for a concerted, coherent response.
- The internal audit that hammered us on a process they knew in advance was still in development. Yes, we know it is not done.

If not annoyances at work, there's always tanking at bridge. Played badly in competition twice this month, and in regular club play, we're still at the bottom of the list even when we think we've played reasonably well.

Our rugby hopes, crushed by the marvelous All-Blacks.
Just can't win some days, no matter what you do.

Another 6 days before the return of the Card Player.

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