Friday, October 2, 2015

La Brière and the Great Dolmen Tour

It turned out to be a glorious afternoon. I was really up for taking a canoe out on the Brière marsh, which is marked on the map as being more water than land. Every last boat I saw for hire, though, had several inches of water in it, even the ones that weren't sinking.
 Otherwise, you can tour the place with one of these, but in fact there's not much to see. Just a large flat area that is more or less soggy, depending.
So instead, we decided to go around and see all of the places on the map with one of those little neolithic site icons. At least the ones not too far away.
 The dolmen at (er, somewhere; I left my notes at home) has cows.
 It's so cute!

 You can get closer, as they've made the fence with a clever opening that cows can't go through.

 They love their dolmen, and defend it fiercely.

 The next one was a menhir, also with cows.

 The next one was not in a pasture, but on a little rise between fields.

 It has frequent picnicers, like this family enjoying an afternoon pause. Surprisingly, we never saw any trash around these ancient monuments, nor the slightest graffiti. They are just quietly appreciated.
The last one was but a jumbled ruin.

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