Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Sea Snake at St Brevin

We really only crossed the bridge at St Nazaire for the sake of doing so, the fun of taking that long, high bridge across the river mouth. Who knew there would be a very nice park on the other bank (the north bank being fully occupied with shipping terminals and drydocks and industrial whatnot)? Lots of people, just not me.
We parked with a view of the bridge and the boats moored in the low tide mud, and there was a lot of wind but I decided to walk up the path around the point to see the seaward shore.
That's pretty cool. Even better when half-submerged, I bet.

We did not linger to watch the advancing tide, though. We were on a mission to see if we could get a reasonably-priced adapter to charge my little computer, as I had forgotten mine at home and only had about an hour of bridge to play on line before the thing went dead. That, and then back to Guerande in time for lunch before bridge at the club there.
Two of those three items were completed successfully. 

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