Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ever-changing deadline

I was feeling a bit guilty about not getting my lot of exams graded quickly and on to their second round of grading (we give the students a scientific paper with all the interpretation ripped out - just the set-up and results left, and make them tell us what it all means, so each one is graded by two people (takes about 20 minutes each)).

The meeting where we have to cough up the grades is next Monday, so I thought my colleague would have plenty to time once I turned them over this Monday morning.

Only, Thursday is a holiday. Which means that nobody in their right mind is working on Friday. Which means that the efficient and organised person rounding up all the grades wants them by tomorrow. By 6, even!

Sheesh! What's wrong with Monday? The meeting's not until 5.

My part is done, but my poor colleague! His desk was strewn with the papers of a different class when I added mine to the pile. Okay, I was nice and made a new pile.
Bon courage, Laurent!


Si's blog said...

Neat idea, doing papers like that. Bet you get a bunch of different intepretations.

Deadlines are for those who like to find ways around them.

Patty said...

Oh, that looks so neat compared to my desk. Sometimes, things pile up so high I have to peak over them in order to see my monitor.

sciencegirl said...

Actually, that's my coffee table at home, and I prefer it not to be covered with exams! My desk at work is indeed piled high. I really try to keep it under control, because I lose things in there...