Monday, May 25, 2009

More of Vienna

There's so much to see that sometimes you just have to sit down and sort it all out.
Three of the army of concert ticket sellers
There are so many cafés on busy sidewalks and hidden plazas that there's always a spot to be found, whether quiet or crowded.
Metro stop and café by the park.
A spot of Barcelona in Austria.

One of the many palaces dishing up music nightly.

The best way to get around town! I like the antique cars with their butt-polished wooden seats. You get to see most everything, and the 24-hour pass is only 5€. So go for it! Get on, get off, get on again. They run every few minutes.

A couple of ads, poorly photographed behind their glass protection. I could speak German if I had another month to spend here, but today I don't need to to laugh at the polo-donkey and hunting parakeet.

I actually rather liked the zones of dense, colorful graffiti. This wall continues for some kilometers along the Danube, and parts of it are excellent.
One thing I love about foreign languages is that there's always something inadvertantly funny being posted in broad daylight. Like Farting. Here in the amusement park there seems to be a 2€ fine for farting, though for the truly flatulent there's the discount rate of 6 for 10€.
One of the very many monuments to musicians, composers, and dancers all around the city.
Warning to all joggers: Large Dogs in the Path Alert!
Large dogs still in the path. Joggers chased: 0. Dogs disturbed: 0. All is at peace in the world.

Now there's a reason to get to the airport early - the wifi is free! Let's see if it'll upload pictures more quickly than the lame-but-costly hotel version.
Enough for now, but once I pass airside I'll try to finish.

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