Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will we ever come to the end of Vienna?

Yes, sadly, we will, though not until tomorrow. But don't worry - then I'll go somewhere else and take assorted pictures of somewhere completely different, like, say, Auvergne, Arkansas. Or Florence, Mississippi.So what are the Viennese up to on a Sunday? Lots of things! They're out and around all over the place. They're here in the main square around St Stephen's cathedral, having an ice cream from one of the many, many Eis Cafés.
The tourists are shelling out 95€ an hour to take a caléche ride around town. Divided among four passengers, that's not as outrageous as it seems. And the line of horses moves up slowly - I'd guess a driver waits a good hour to get to the top of the line, at least now in the off-season.
Real Viennese are paddling boats around in the Danube. The banks of the Danube here are actually quite dull. I didn't see any trucks on the road on Sunday, or any freight on the river. In France, trucks are forbidden from the roads on Sundays - that's probably the case here too. It does make for a more enjoyable day.
The one category of working boat in operation on this Day of Rest.
Obligatory swans. Where were they when I was across the way, looking toward the old city, rather than the could-be-anywhere office tower skyline?
Back on the west side of the river, there was some kind of fair going on in front of the Ratshaus, the showpiece of the cluster of government buildings.
The music was all-American covers.
The most fun thing I saw was that in the many parks there were lots of sandboxes for playing in. Including in front of the Ratshaus, where the pile of cobbles meant to repair part of the walkway was turned into a play space. You could make a fair castle with that pile!

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