Monday, May 25, 2009

Vienna: butterflies and music

Some story to go with your pictures.

Vienna being the city of music, I did get to a concert. Plus there was music at random, in parks and subway stations and streetcorners, being offered up by people trying to get by. Concerts in the grand opera started at 50$; Mozart's Magic Flute at the Peoples' Opera House was more affordable, but sold out, alas. But I happened on a presentation by current and former students of the Ljubljana University School of Music, being held at St Peter's Church downtown.

The setting was astounding; a baroque church (a church has been on the site since 400 AD now, but the current version is not so venerable) fully decorated inside. St Peter's is small and intimate. The organ music thrummed through the stone floors and wooden pews, coming up through the kneelers as well as through the air. The Gregorian chanting that separated the organ pieces filled the air.
We started with some traditional works, working our way toward more modern sacred music. The fugues and sonatas were sublime, the audience listening with eyes closed to the ornately gilded surroundings. And then, on to two 20th century works.

Aïe! Aïe aïe aïe!
The "Apparition of the Eternal Church" sounded more like a soundtrack rejected from a 1970's B- horror flick. This travesty, sadly, was followed by worse, an atonal mess better left unheard. This was the last piece, and about half the audience left before it was over. Including me. I felt badly about that, especially since the musicians would be coming out from the hidden choir area above to greet the audience later.

So that was my exposure to music in Vienna. Hit & miss, but I'm glad to have gone and experienced it.
I've got one last batch of pictures for you, but my flight is boarding so that will be for tomorrow.


Patty said...

Hey Science Girl,

Holiday weekends are hectic for me. So much to cover for the newspaper.

I just wanted to check in and see what was up with you. I see you have been really busy. I checked out all the photos that I missed. They are all just beautiful.

Besides the "pretty" photos like the flowers, I so enjoy my virtual walks with you, seeing all the street scenes and the architecture.

I hope to get back on schedule soon. Summer is so busy for me, with festivals, festivals, and more festivals.

sciencegirl said...

Thanks, Patty, nice to hear from you.
Don't I know about being too busy! I was supposed to work on this grant, due at the end of the week, and all I did with my spare time in Vienna was walk around and then blog about it. I'll regret that later.

Festivals, festivals and festivals sounds like fun!

Barry said...

Gee, just when Vienna was beginning to sound like the image I have in my mind, they turn on the B-Horror film sound track and spoil the illusion.

Ah well, I'm still determined to get there one day.

Reya Mellicker said...

Looking forward to more stories and the images of course. The butterflies are beautiful.

As for the concert, it sounds fun. There should always be a little disturbance at a live performance, at least I think so.

I never feel badly about leaving early.

Have a good journey home.