Thursday, June 25, 2009


My apricots are finally getting ripe, yea!
Alas, the ones in the picture are all lying on the ground.
While I was at work, one of the major branches just fell right off the tree. There was plenty of fruit hanging off it, but not that much!
Inside the branch it's just rotten. I hope the rest of the tree can be saved.


Lee Ryan said...

What do you do with all of the fruit? Can it? - or do you eat / distribute enough as it grows?

Nice pictures; too bad about the limb.

sciencegirl said...

I'm going to make a lot of jam. Some straight apricot, some apricot-ginger, and maybe I'll work in the black currants that are coming along way in the back of the yard. Otherwise, I just bought a food dryer, and dried apricots are a favorite.
The fruit on the downed limb is continuing to ripen.