Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday again already?!

Sorry guys, but I'm just too pooped to blog tonight. It's hard to believe it's been an entire week since my last post! But it's been an insane week catching up from being away for so long, and there was a super-important grant due today that I've just sent off by email. The paper version is sitting here in its envelope waiting for me to log off and go mail it (post-marked today, or binned!). So I'd better do that.
Next week I get to judge the Master students' oral presentations. Two and a half days of this, and I've yet to read the reports. No, I don't procrastinate! Never!
Just by way of saying "No blogging, gardening, shopping, hiking, making jam, knitting or general goofing off this weekend for Nancy".
If only there were an extra hour in the day. Just one, and I could keep up.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hope to see you next week. I know just how you feel when things start to over whelm you and the minutes of the day disappear into one thing or another. Blogging is then the last thing on a person's mind, or their "to do" list. :-) Have a good weekend anyway, Debby

Barry said...

I miss your posting but know all too well how life takes precedence.

Hope you make it to the post office in time!

Gordon said...

You really need to give Maurice this assignment once in a while. He could take the pressure off. Scruffy helps me when he's not out chasing squirrely girls.
Just kidding. I understand, completely. Hope to see you next week.

Butler and Bagman said...

Ditto. I sure understand about that!