Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Down the Buffalo

Little float down the Buffalo with family.
Here's the favorite uncle, supervising. For a guy who didn't really want to go out on the river, he seemed to have a lot of fun.

A nice rock to go around. I thought it was obvious that we should go between the rocks, so I steered us between them. Rog, however, had other ideas and poled us off of it with his paddle, so we ended up going around the long way. That's alright: toughies paddle upstream.Later, with my camera safely dry in its multiple ziplock layers, we chose the deep and fast part of the stream close to shore instead of the very shallow part. There was a large tree hanging prettily over the water and the current got surprisingly strong, taking us right under it. No big deal; we could just duck under. Unfortunately, Rog and I both ducked the same direction, and over we went. No harm done, nothing lost, and Grace thought it was all pretty fun.
Ellie's turtle, which we let go before heading home.
A wet Bjorn.
Maurice after a swim.
It's pretty crowded from Tyler Bend to Gilbert, but the river is suddenly quiet just a few yards downstream. Why does the river always look better after you get out? Too bad it's another 12 miles to the next pullout!
How many kids does it take to move a bale of hay?
Granddaddy with friend.


Kim said...

Great Recreation! Looks like you had a nice time...

EastwoodDC said...

Later, Maurice and Bjorn got an exciting ride in the dryer!

Doreen said...

looks very beautiful. a great family outing and what fun!!