Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Shoot Out: Random Things

Random Things this week, OK. How about the random birds visiting my parents' feeders.
Thank goodness for digital!


Sarah Lulu said...

G'day ...how are you? I hope you are enjoying your trip. I loved the birds. Also (because I've been away with my new granddaughter) ...I just caught up on your previous blog with all the initials ..which probably all the American's know ...I'm guessing they are states but which ones I have no clue ...Loved that blog...very interesting, especially for me!

gégé said...

Il sont super ces oiseaux

The Pink Birdhouse said...

HI!! I love your idea for this week's random post Friday shoot out! I was never officially entitled a "bird watcher" but I do tend to watch them alot and like to keep a mental list of all the birds that I have seen in my area. But I have never been able to get pictures of them like you have! Wow, the cardinals are fantastic!! I can not imagine how long it must have taken you to get all those photos!! A lovely and very interesting post. wishing you a good weekend after all that photo shooting with such fast moving birds, Debby

Zaroga said...

That is a lot of variety. Isn't bird watching fun!

Barry said...

Excellent photos, Science Girl! You got some great shots. Blue Jays and Cardinals are both beautiful birds and fun to see.

I've fried for photos of birds but their patience runs out long before I ever get the camera ready!

Doreen said...

I love all of your bird shots. the red birds I have never seen before, the ones that are not the cardinals. awesome post!!

Linda said...

I love your adorable pictures of these birds. They are the same birds we have in southern Ontario. It is nice to see them close up. I love your chickadee. They are such sweet little birds. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Viewing them was a nice break from my hectic week.

Patty said...

Hey, SG. I love your random birds. You did a great job. You can't get any more random that birds in flight or feeding. They never stand still.

You would get a kick out of my friend. She works at the state park in the office. There is window behind her and a bird feeder hangs mid-way. I think this black bird is in love with her.

He comes around all the time, and she looks at him and starts to tremble (she is so funny), like a bird getting ready to puff up his feathers. Then she raises her arms in a jerking like fashion, and the bird puffs up and spread his wings. This should so be on You Tube.

Gordon said...

I wish those birds would come see us. We do have a humming bird visiting every day now.
Sorry to be so late visiting. I have been running behind for the week.
Walk With Faith
Verification word is "rests". That's what I need.

GingerV said...

Sara Lulu I can never talk in initials like the young do - I finally ask what LOL is cause everyone uses it. sorry side tracked - you random firds are great I enjoyed every minute. the 3 or 4 picture the bird looks like he is bowing. great blog.

Reya Mellicker said...

These are exquisite! Love Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, and the blue jay of course. I know they're rude, but I like them anyway.

Thanks for this.

sciencegirl said...

hello, all, and thanks for all the comments! I haven't been getting much time on line in between all the serious vacationing.
It did take a while to get the birds. I just sat there in the deck chair for hours, with the heavy lens on the camera held near my face so I could move as little as possible. My dad says the red ones that aren't cardinals are scarlet tanagers, Doreen. Lucky Dad was there to tell me, because I wouldn't have got past 'cardinal' and 'blue jay'.