Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The greenery of Orleans

Water under the bridge.

This tree is huge, and needs help to keep its branches off the ground.

Some of the other trees in this park look like monsters.

Like so many parks in France, the Parc Floral used to be the private domain of royalty, then of anyone rich, before becoming public space in the last century or so.
They do have a slight snail problem in the park.

I do love the butterfly enclosures at so many European parks. It took a good 15 minutes for my camera lens to defog, though!

And that's it for Orleans. Tomorrow I'm off to Paris for two days of meetings, so I might be late with the Friday Shoot Out post, but on the good side I'm in Bruges for the weekend, and that should be really photogenic. If the weather holds...


Sara Williams said...

Really fabulous pictures, you live in a gorgeous place. I loved the tree shots, especially that one with the HUGE branch. xx

marc aurel said...

I love the fishing under a bridge