Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Zebras

Zebras!! It's Zebra-picture Thursday!
I have been reminded that not all of my readers speak English. Today it's the francophones' turn to be able to read the post. It's only fair.

Pendant longtemps, trop longtemps, j'ai fait partie des gens sans-zebre. Une vie ordinaire, sans trop de souci, sans trop d'excitation. Une vie de citadin occidentale.
Puis un jour, Mark a dit "Zebra!" Les Zebres de Jeudi.
Et moi, j'avais pas de zebre. Moi, je suis plus lapin-vache-chat-mouton. Les bêtes de chez nous, quoi.

Quoi?! vous dites. Sans zebre? Toute une vie sans zebre? Quelle tristesse.

Plus maintenant. Et ça change la vie.
Voila mon petit premier, retrouvé aux Puces le weekend dernier. Un peu grignoté aux oreilles, il est très content se reposer chez moi.


Reya Mellicker said...

I jumped when I saw the banner. Is the cat stretching or preparing for battle? Sometimes they're doing both at once, they are so poised and together.

The really exciting part is that I have retained enough French to be able to mostly understand your post.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Ok,translation. Here goes.For a long time now, too long, I've gone to parties without a zebra.One ordinary life,without too much sauce or excitement.A life of certain rust.Then one day, Mark said,"Zebra" The Thursday zebras.
And me, I didn't have a zebra,I'm more rabbit, cow, cat,mutton.What, are there bats in our house?
What, you say,no zebra? A whole life without a zebra, how sad.
Now is the time to change my life.
Would ye look at this, My first litle one, found in a skip last weekend.A bit grungy around the eyes,but still, he's happy enough to stay at my place.

Et aussi, le chat de votre header est tres, tres, scary comme un chat de witch.
You think this is bad? You should see my Japanese!

steven said...

hello nanu - i was kicked out of french part way through grade eight for disrespectful behaviour - oh and failing every test thrown my way. so i use bablefish. here is your post translated by that very suspect translator:
"For a long time, too a long time, j' belonged to without-zebra people. An ordinary life, without too much concern, too d' excitation. A Western life of townsman. Then one day, Mark said " Streaked! " Zebras of Thursday. And me, j' did not have a zebra. Me, I am more rabbit-cow-cat-sheep. Animals of on our premises, what. What?! you known as. Without zebra? A whole life without zebra? Which sadness. Now. And that changes the life. Here is my small first, found with the Chips the last weekend. A little nibbled with the ears, it is very content to rest at home."

bless you nanu!!! zebras are ultra cool and so are you!!

NanU said...

I think I'll post in french more often!
She was only pausing to scratch her ear, the sweet little Bandersnatch.