Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I swear I'm going to do this some day!



steven said...

hi nanu, it looks amazing and i imagine that after the first gut wrenching launch off the side of a hill, the adrenalin would carry you off again and again. i'd love to be up that high, knowing that i'm safe, and able to land somewhere softish!!! cool. steven

marc aurel said...

They do this off the Downs in Sussex. Imagine my surprise when I saw two above our village a good seven miles away. They were just riding those updrafts.

Barry said...

They do this off the bluffs here in Scarborough, much to Lindsay's annoyance.

This must be as close to the feeling of a bird in flight as you can get.

Kerry said...

Oh, this does look glorious! Maybe someday...after I get over my fear of heights. For now, I'll just look at your pictures.