Monday, August 31, 2009

Depends on which five minutes.

This is my contribution to TFE's monday global poetry zeitgeist experience
Wherein, at 19:00 on Monday we're supposed to write a poem and post it by 19:05. I like it. I like having to write a poem in exactly those five minutes right there. Only, I did it a little teeny half hour early.
here we go:

This very last five minutes I’ll tell you
cause i’ve been stuck in the grammar mines and there’s dirt all over me and bits of wrong phrases in my hair and bad conjugations smeared across my cheeks.
And I really truly hate the grammar mines I am ready to throw this book chapter into the screaming scorching fire

five minutes four hours ago i’d have told you
gee, i’m really sorry, i should have noticed that before
and i would have had shoulders slumped and eyes looking down at the table

five minutes a day ago and i’d have exclaimed
!!! what a glorious day
sky full of sunshine and parasailers
garden full of cats -!!a new mouser!!
Jam cooking on the stove

Five minutes in an hour i’ll be sighing
Life is nice
Kicked back in the armchair, cold glass of kir, a good book


Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks NanU, you are the first in well done! We're off to a flyer here! If you get time try working on it during the week and post again next Monday.Bon chance et merci!

Butler and Bagman said...

I'm thinking that sometimes the best poetry is done suddenly and under pressure. Either that or I end up with my mouth open staring at blank paper.

Titus said...

Wow NanU, impressed with how much you managed to write and the fact that there's a device holding it together. Nice that it's about writing and time too.

steven said...

nanu - way to clobber the meme with the "i am who i am in each moment and you might like, know, run away from, love, be crazed by. wonder at, dislike whomever i am in that moment. so deal with it."

i love this response. have a peaceful kir filled evening. steven

Totalfeckineejit said...

Just noticed on second reading it actually has a structure and form which is pretty impressive for a 5minutes dash.Instead of working on them further there will be a different task for next week, so look out!

the watercats said...

I like the pace of this little mumeration... and the theme, five minutes in a context. The five minute thing is great isn't it!

Niamh B said...

Like the grammar mines idea a lot. It's amazing what people can do in five minutes.

NanU said...

Thank you all for the feedback; it feels great! I was quite the poet in high school and college, but then turned my back on it after rereading some of my work and cringing - oh, my, I wrote that. Eww. It's nice to be back.

Barry said...

I love it Nancy.

And in 5 minutes I'll be late leaving for the train if I don't get moving. But I'm glad I visited here first.

Reya Mellicker said...

The grammar mines? That doesn't sound pleasant.

Love your new banner, though. Is that a poppy? A pansy? Can't tell what size it is, but it's gorgeous.

C'mon out of the grammar mines, NanU. I'll buy you a beer, yes? I say yes.

NanU said...

Catch that train, Barry!
Thanks Reya, I'll take you up on that: a glass of Murphy's Red sounds right tonight. It's just for thing for next week's assignment of observing somebody in a pub. My friend Linda reckoned years ago that correcting papers was akin to working in the salt mines, and the image has stuck ever since. I'll spend an hour at it now, then be on my way for a nice cold one.