Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That's some 64lb goldfish you got there

Alas, poor Benson, I knew you not at all.

It must have been a tranquil life, swimming lazily 'round the pond, hoovering up whatever came your way. When things got slow and you needed a little excitement, you allowed yourself to be caught, posing for photos, taking a look around topside, before being released again to the murky depths.

I was up Peterborough way some years ago. If I'd known of the queen carp of Kingfisher Lake, I'd certainly have stopped by to say hello.



steven said...

hello nanu - i had to do some research to find out what this was all about. so i see that a huge goldfish in a city with the exact same name as the one i live in (but in a different part of the world) has become involved in a murder mystery in which there have been some very fishy goings on. hmmmmmm!!! who knew! have a lovely day. steven

NanU said...

Benson's obit was featured in The Economist last week. Quite an entertaining read, and a departure from the usual departed.
They didn't say -how many- empty tiget nut bags were found floating nearby...

NanU said...

you see what I get around to while trying to avoid the grammar mines...

Barry said...

I need to thank Steven for doing the background check.

Alas poor Benson!