Monday, August 3, 2009

Train ruins

I have a certain fascination with trains. Love riding them to new places, love watching them trundle or streak by, love the sound in the distance. Every station has its side track with an unused passenger car or two, maybe some empty freights that have been waiting for years. But in Culoz I hit the jackpot. "Nothing there" indeed! Not just a stockpile of disused rail cars; Culoz has a wrecking yard, a photographer's paradise of colors, forms, repeating designs, and poignant decay.

Next time: the scrapyard.


Ann said...

You gave me hope, there is life after retirement. LOL

The trains are given a different kind of coat of paint.

Thanks for visiting.

Kim said...

Ahh, only one with an artist eye can find something out of what other's consider nothing! Love your vibrant shots!

GingerV said...

I really enjoyed your train photos, good job (and interesting)

Sarah Lulu said...

Great great shots ...I love trains too.

Really enjoyed them all.