Monday, August 17, 2009

A cat for August: Shadow!

Also known as Boots.
It doesn’t take many people to have conflict as to what to call a cat. There were two votes for Shadow, a neato-cool name for a mostly black cat, one for Boots in the tradition of naming cats for their different-colored paws, and two parental abstentions. The first time this type of conflict came around, there were sufficient kittens to take up both Brand X and Mitten as names. This time there was only one kitten.
We’re not a middle-name sort of family.
Only one name per mammal, please.
And there was only one. What it was depended on who was talking. I don’t think the cat ever cared.
And thus, Cat of the Month comes to the end of the San Diego Cats. Next month there will be a change of everything. A move from the sunny California coast to the frozen flatlands of Minnesota. Not a cat was left, every one having disappeared forever into the chaparral or succombed to illness. A new start, new schools, new friends, new pets are on the horizon.


Barry said...

The name game is great fun Nancy. Our one and only cat, Lindsay's predecessor, was named Punky Buster after a TV show that was popular at the time.

NanU said...

Naming cats is important. Sometimes I go for personality (Natalie, Walter), sometimes for fun (Pandemonium, Yersinia), sometimes a name is thrust upon us (Bunny). Only once have I changed one (Bing to Man-O-War, but you could tell he remained a Bing at heart).
Punky Buster is a good one.