Thursday, July 29, 2010

July cat: Fofa

Fofa wasn’t officially my cat, but she lived at my house for five months so she does get counted. When my friends Raquel and Marcel moved from France to the UK, Raquel didn’t get the cats vaccinated far enough in advance. They’ve “eliminated” the quarantine for taking pets to the UK, but in fact they just moved it. Now instead of your cat spending 6 months in a quarantine box somewhere, it can spend that time wherever you want outside of the UK. You just have to have its shots done at least that long in advance.

Pandemonium (best cat ever! see last month) was very happy: he had playmates! Especially Fofa, who was the top-cat in her own household, and wasn’t too willing to play 2nd fiddle to Pan. They had plenty of fun, no damage. In fact, I think Fofa was quite pleased to have a challenging companion.

A week of two after Fofa came to our house, I found the Panstand at the flea market. The Panstand is a home decorating object standing about 6 feet tall on four legs, with two platforms just big enough for houseplants or cats. Never mind putting houseplants on it. It stands by the window and its 2-cat capacity is often filled. The only question was who got to be Top Cat?

Fofa was a fat black cat with spots of white on her paws and face, and a little stubby tail. Fat! Are all black cats fat? All of my black cats have been fat. Well, except for Man O War, but he wasn’t completely black. And Bandersnatch now that she runs around outside enough isn't quite so fat either. Fofa, though; Fofa was Fat.

Raquel’s two cats spent 5 months at my place, before the happy mom came back for them and they drove merrily across France and ferried over the Channel with no problem.

I just realized I do have a photo of Fofa, taken at Raquel's house in Cambridge. She was unimpressed by our little pink friend and went to look for proper catfood.


Reya Mellicker said...

You are so generous to host cats for 5 months. Wow! Do they suffer from separation from their people?

I'll admit it: I don't "get" cats.

NanU said...

It was a pleasure. I love cats, and Pan did need company. I think they do suffer from being separated from their people, to varying degrees depending on the cat. They knew me before Raquel left town, and she actually moved them a few days before leaving so they wouldn't be underfoot for the packing and all, and she visited them at my place. So it wasn't an abrupt abandonment at a stranger's home. Still, the other one, Kika, hid behind the laundry hamper for two weeks. More about that in August!

Argent said...

I love your cat stories. I'm trying had to resist the temptation to get some more cats to add to the 2 I already have.