Monday, July 12, 2010

a poem on something

This week's Poetry Bus challenge was to write our poems on something, thunk up by Dominic.
I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks and thought to skip again, but then I noticed the enticing surfaces all around.
The first one is called
In the Fridge.
I had a good road poem lined up, but we ran out of time to get sidewalk chalk, and there may have been screaming at snitching the precious fridge letters (plus the naughtiness of playing in the street), so I'll do that one later. Maybe.

A babe
A hellion
A Georgia peach.
Writing on the baby, well, this was as far as I got.
All photos used with permission, and special thanks to:
It's a really fun bus this week!
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Jessica Maybury said...

I like I like!

Tabor said...

What a fun poem! Kissable for the most part.

Poet in Residence said...

what a chaotic colourful fun
way to learn by doing


Domestic Oub said...


Great minds think alike :)

Rachel Fox said...

Love the idea of the sidewalk/pavement poems...to the chalk...vite! Vite!
Lovely models on here though too of course.

Niamh B said...

great fun NanU, I bet those ones on the kids didn't last long tho!

NanU said...

They went directly into the bath, Niamh. I do hope they -have- sidewalk chalk here, Rachel.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Fridge letter magnets are cool!
I was going to use the sidewalk/pavement/path too!
Thought 'Mammy' written (presumably ) on Mammy was funny.

Argent said...

Writing on children - a new art form? Nice work!

Peter Goulding said...

Its not easy getting permission to hang the kids in a gallery though...

Karen said...

Love them! What fun this must have been!

Jeanne Iris said...

These are sooo cute. LOVE the refrigerator poetry!

Poetikat said...

These were great! Makes me want to get some of those coloured letter-magnets or perhaps a tattoo.