Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wm B Bankhead National Forest

On the way to our day at the Bankhead forest area of Alabama, we passed the only remaining covered bridge in Cullman County. It's a nice one.
Doesn't go anywhere any more, though.
Here we are off for a walk to the Caney Falls. This nice dog was going to look after our car.
It's a beautiful little falls, though it did eat my lens cap.

At the ranger station they said there would probably be a bunch of people swimming there, but we had it all to ourselves.

A few miles farther on, we hiked toward another falls, but never found it.
We were going upstream, and it kept splitting into smaller and smaller tributaries, so it was only going to be a sad dribble anyway.So on to the falls at the far edge of the park. There were plenty of people at this one, including a couple of guys who were jumping off this rock where I'm standing, into the swimming hole.

The mama tank and all its little tanklets were fun.

And so back to Cullman at the end of a great day.
I've been to Alabama now! Just three states to go for the whole set.


Doreen said...

Wow! what a beautiful place! I love the covered bridge.

I didn't see an email for you so I am writing you here. would you like to write a members voice for your topic Taste and Smells for August 6. Just send it to me in my email if you do. I will post it the Monday or Tuesday before the shoot. thanks!!

Kerry said...

You have been to Alabama. I lived there for almost 9 years. John says the biggest cottonwood in the world is in the Bankhead and I wonder if you saw it.

NanU said...

We saw some pretty big cottonwood trees, Kerry, but if we happened on the biggest one, we didn't realize it.