Friday, April 1, 2011


I was tagged recently by fellow blogger Nuts4fruits to participate in a meme about books. Well, alright, I'll do a meme once in a while. The rules are:

1. Take pictures of the books you are currently reading and add them to your post. (I'm skipping that part)

2. Describe the books and if you are enjoying them.

3. For every book you are reading, you have to tag one person.

4. Leave the person a comment letting them know you tagged them. . Um, what am I reading now... Just last night I finished “Une année chez les français”, a very enjoyable novel about a small Moroccan village boy sent to the grand French high school in Casablanca, what he does there and what he thinks of all of it. Screamingly funny, wonderfully poignant. I suppose if I finished it, it doesn’t count for the meme. It’s the first work of fiction I’ve read in a while. . Read a few pages of the Grand Marabout de Bridge last night, which I leaf through sporadically, filling in my weak spots like defensive card signaling and slam bidding. As long as there are pages I haven’t gotten to, and I've actually picked it up in the past month, it counts as reading, right? Some day I will remember this stuff at the table. . Picked up Nelson Mandela’s autobiography from my to-read shelf and made a slight start. I would normally work at getting a copy in English, because I avoid reading translations when I can help it. But I was in the shop, and I wanted the book, and I knew if I went home and put it on a list somewhere I’d never get to it. Would likely never get it on a list, and it would be one of the hundreds of books I meant to read but forgot about. I can’t tell you much about it yet. Nelson has only just described his name and what it all means and that “Nelson” was only acquired at entrance to school. All I can say is it’s very readable so far, entertaining and meaningful, and we all know the story is headed for great events. .

And now for the tags:

the golden fish (with no capitals)


Bagman and Butler said...

Hi, Nan! Interesting meme -- makes me think that one of the thousand things I am going to do in retirement is start reading books again. I mean for relaxation and not just to learn something. I'll add this to my retirement bucket list.

But first I think I'll take another nap.

Captain Dumbass said...

That's a good idea for a meme. I've been reading John Adams for about 4 months now because I only have about 2 minutes of free time a night before passing out from exhaustion.

steven said...

nancy - i'm very very rarely a mem respondent but you made me a scarf i love! however, my deal is i'll put something on the golden fish pointing people your way and we'll see what we see. i can't tag people.
okay. so i read several books at a time, side-by-side. when one takes off then i follow the trajectory. when one fades i lay it aside until i have the strength to reacquaint myself. current reading: remembering my passionate world-changing late teenage years i am rereading che guevara "the motorcycle diaries. because i love cerebral fantasy and exquisitely crafted writing i am reading catherynne valente "the habitation of the blessed". because i haven't read anything by here that isn't extraordinary, i am reading kate dicamillo's "the magician's elephant". to address my need to read about massive cycling exploits and all the philosophy that comes out of those exploits, i am reading alastair humphrey's "ten lessons from the road". i have read japanese literature for as long as i can remember and yasunari kawabata "snow country" is so delicate and incisive and insightful. finally, as part of a "read all the james bond books that ian fleming wrote" project i set myself, i am currently reading "from russia with love". i usually read between six and six thirty in the morning and ten and eleven at night. on the weekend it's in-between cleaning and schoolwork so whenever. if i get on a groove with a book then i let the house fall apart!!! thanks for inviting me in on this!!! steven

Elisabeth said...

Pleased to meet you, Nancy. I'm here through Steven's Golden Fish. I shall contemplate such a meme. It sounds not too difficult. It's good to read your thoughts on these books. And any friend of Steven's must be a good friend...

Argent said...

I've read Nelson Mandela's autobiography - compelling stuff once it gets going.

NanU said...

Thank you all for the comments!

You'll be all napped-up soon, Mark, and ready to do all that stuff you've been wanting to get to. As soon as the grandkids let you...

Thanks for responding, steven. tagging other people is one of my problems with pass-alongs, too. although i just love being tagged (if it's done personally, like nuts did, not if i'm randomly picked off a list). i've always meant to read the Motorcycle Diaries, and have lately heard many negative things about che guervara which pique my interest even more. on the list! usually i too have several books going - something light (mentally), something lightweight to carry around, something serious and not so fun for learning.