Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jumpstarting the P-Bus

All was quiet but for the cawing of the sober crows,
No gentle background of birdsong was heard.
All was grey and still in the fields and the woods.
The mice slept in their burrows; the sap waited in the roots.
Then one day, the word was whispered along.
the sun brought with it a finger of warmth, and touched the trees
The apricot, the cherry, then the apples in order.
It touched the soil, where the grasses and dandelions stirred.
Snowdrops peeked up and said

Sound the alert!

All hands on deck!

Out of the ground, everyone!

Suddenly the air was full of petals, the garden plot crawling with worms,

A chirping, warbling symphony calls in the bushed-out trees.

Here it is!

ife! ...

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shabby girl said...

I really liked this one! How the sun creeps along the yard, one plant at a time. Yea Spring!

Helen said...

What pure delight! Reminds me of one of the first films I ever saw ... Disney's Bambi ... when Springtime brought the earth to life, one tree and plant in rapid succession.

Helen said...

You might want to try editing in the html feature ... you can create any line breaks you wish. I have these issues as well.

Peter Goulding said...

I use the Preview, then Edit in Html. Total pain in the arse.
Lovely homage to Springtime Nancy - like it.

Enchanted Oak said...
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The Bug said...

Oh I love it! And that's how it happens here. Woe betide a person who wants to sleep late this time of year what with all the racket outside :)

Brian Miller said...

nice spring explodes for through your words...nicely done...

my bus ride

Lucy Westenra said...

Well caught, NanU. Spring is just like that!

Emerging Writer said...

Loving the explosion. Bursting through