Friday, April 29, 2011


If it were to be admitted that The Poetry Bus had crashed and burned in a ditch, never to return in blog form,
But that an all new and exciting centralized UnBus for all your poetry urges were to arise from the smoking wreck,
A blog belonging only to itself and not also the blog of somebody just trying to blog,
1) would you sign up and follow it, maybe submit a link weekly or once in a blue moon?
2) what would you call it?

A pint of bona-fide home made jam in the offing for the best name! Only blackberry, apricot-mint, and, er, some other take on apricot, left in the cupboard, but it's cherry season right soon. And ginger-peach. I'll be making ginger-peach just as soon as peaches are abundant and cheap.

So far we've got:
Potluck Poetry (domain name taken)
Here be Dragons (domain name taken)
The Twilight Zone (domain name taken)
Last Train to Museville
Poetry Jam (domain name taken but "poetryjambus" available)
Poetry Terminal
Begin again McFinnegan
Poetry Licks
Poetree (domain name taken)
Word Soup (domain name taken)
Lines of Enquiry
ConVersations (domain name taken)
Peanut Butter (sticks to ya!) (and keeps the PBus initials)(stickstoya is available)

d'autres encore?
ah yes, the Enchanted Oak has all sorts of suggestions, but we'll just list the ones she herself prefers:
Poet Jambs
Poetry Pizza
Poem Riders
The Traveling Muse
The Wandering Poet
The Cruising Muse

not to forget:
Shanks Pony
Trigger Happy


NanU said...

off the top of my head, I thought of:
Seeing Spots and Hearing Voices;
Here be Dragons;
Potluck Poetry (because of the structure, one person giving a theme & place, everybody showing up with a dessert)

The Bug said...

Ooh, now all I can think about is jam and dessert :)

I would be glad to participate. I'll think about the name idea - but Potluck Poetry sounds good if it's not taken.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Great idea NanU! Be lovely to keep aweekly task going under a new name new leadership.
I like your titles.

I suggest off the top o my head

The Twilight Zone
Last Train to Museville

Good luck/ bon chance!

the watercats said...

simple!.. POETRY JAM :-)

can see the header now....

well done on taking up the hefty gauntlet of the T.F of E.. (god rest his soul) ;-)

Karen said...

I will be happy to join! Thanks for being willing.

I think the Watercats have hit it perfectly. Great name!

Bagman and Butler said...

I'd do anything for another jar of your jam!! So (1) of course I'll join...I've been needing something to get me back into poetry mode. And (2) -- unfortunately, I already guess that the jar is going to Watercats -- I can't beat Poetry Jam. But I'll throw in Poetry Terminal since there would be lots of buses there that haven't crashed yet.

jabblog said...

Sorry to hear about the crash! I think I'd go with 'Begin again McFinnigan' but since I write mostly doggerel, I shouldn't really comment;-)

Jeanne Iris said...

I like Ms. L'eauchat's 'Poetry Jam.' Could be the beginning of a new genre of poetry. Not just memorized Slam, but words spewing forth, improvised magnitude, interlude, crude and lewd.

You said the PB has crashed and burned, and it's about to be resurrected from the flames? Makes me think of a phoenix surrounded by flames licking the air. A name that pops into my head: Poetry Licks. (musical improv reference)

However, if the Bus wrapped itself around a tree, well then, surely its fused state would be Poetree.

Argent said...

I think there is a Potluck Poetry or (Poetry Potluck) already out there. Poetry Jam is looking good to me but I'll chuck in an idea or two:

Word Soup
Lines of Enquiry.

I think Les Chats de l'Eau will get the jar, though.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Great suggestions allround!
Poetry Jam does sound good or PJ for short. If domain is taken how about Poetry Jams
Poetry Jamm
Poetry Jambs


Totalfeckineejit said...

I'm forced to get away from the 'bus 'Even a jam one!
Remember NanU?

NanU said...

I wouldn't put it in the blog name, just the url. but an extra m would be fine.

Bridget Callahan said...

Since this is a rebirth, maybe I can get in on some this? You'd have to walk me through it. But maybe poetry? I haven't written that in a while.

Dominic Rivron said...

what about Shanks' Pony? That's what we'd have to fall back on without a Bus.

Enchanted Oak said...

I'm game to play for Jam.
Some toss-outs:

Poets Jammies
Poet Jambs (because aren't we lurking about in the doorway to fame?)
Poetry Pizza
World Famous Poetry Tour

If we can't drive a Bus, might we steer some other craft or claim a site maybe? Such as:

Poets Stone
Poets Craft
Poem Riders
Poetry Pulpit (ugh)

The Traveling Muse
The Wandering Poet
The Cruising Muse

I like the last three, the Poet Jambs, Poetry Pizza, and Poem Riders the best of this lot.

Kat Mortensen said...

Coincidentally, I was just having a think the other day and I thought how these prompts are very like triggers. It wasn't much of a jump for me to think of the term "Trigger Happy" and so, that is my contribution to this list:

Trigger Happy (It has a multitude of implications, don't you think?)


Kat Mortensen said...

@Dominic - My dad used to use the term, "Shanks' mare" and I had no idea where that came from. Can you tell me?

Jeanne Iris said...

Love the Cruising Muse, too, since Poetry Jam is taken.
Playing with the above terms, I thought about Musing Crews or A-Musing Crews or Musing Crews A-Cruising or Musin' and Cruisin'

Kat Mortensen said...

Ooh, Thumbs up for the "Cruising Muse"!

Enchanted Oak said...

I'm weighing in again to say I thought about the names a bit and REALLY like...

Poem Riders for the pun and the sound of it

The Cruising Muse for the rhythm of it (although the Muse Crew has spunk too)

Why don't you or I or someone host an official name vote with poem prompt, and go notify all the Bus folk we can think of?

NanU said...

My favorite remains Poetry Jam, and we should not think of the blogspot url being taken as an elimination. poetryjam.blogspot.com posted exactly once, back in 2002, and has never since been active, so we're not stepping on anybody's toes there. Adding an extra letter to the url is easy. So easy that I went and did it. Click the cherry photo on the sidebar...

Peter Goulding said...

I quite like The Poetry Bus